Why 2023 was the Best.

1: We Moved to a new location

Many of you beautiful people were patients of ours before we moved. If you saw us in our old location you will likely remember the tight quarters. It wasn’t long before we felt that we had no choice but to look for a new spot. From designing room configurations to picking lightbulbs, we now feel like expert office designers (just don’t ask us to do it again any time soon ;)!

2: Alyson

Having Alyson join our team was life changing in the kind of way that makes you wonder how life was led before. She’s clever, she’s handy and she always has great ideas. She knows what I’m trying to say before I do and she has solutions to problems before I know they exist. Profile is a million percent better with her around.

3: Alex

Alex’s timing in joining our team was serendipitous beyond reason. She is a true joy generator. Her experience in the industry and skill level are unparalleled (have you SEEN some of her lip fillers??). She has also proven to be quite a vertical asset as well, having the ability to hang things from the ceiling with the greatest of ease. In 2024 do yourself a favor and book in to see her. You won’t regret it!

4: Our Results

If you haven’t seen our before & after galleries, you’re missing out! You can find them in our Instagram highlights or on our office slideshow. Some of our best results of the year have come from our IPL treatments, Lip Fillers & RF Microneedling.

5: YOU!

The vast majority of our patients are return customers. Of our new patients, most of them have been word-of-mouth referrals from existing patients. We (literally) couldn’t exist without you. We value you so much and really enjoy the appointments we have with you. We really look forward to seeing you in 2024!

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