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Platelet Rich Plasma PRP – A Natural Solution

Platelet Rich Plasma PRP – A Natural Solution

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is a concentrate of platelet-rich plasma protein derived from whole blood, centrifuged to remove red blood cells. It has multiple uses including:

PRP Under Eye

This process injects PRP into your tear trough (undereye) to improve upon the integrity of loose, baggy skin, and reduce the appearance of dark circles. It is a popular treatment for facial rejuvenation, using your own growth factors to heal tissue.

Who is the best candidate for PRP Under Eye Treatment? A patient with mild to moderate hollowing, fine lines and skin laxity in the tear trough. Our PRP treatment can help plump up the area by stimulating collagen production, thereby reducing the appearance of “bags” and improving skin texture.

PRP Topical Facial

This is a topical application to your skin after traditional MicroNeedling or RF MicroNeedling treatment (face, neck or both) to expedite healing and tissue restoration. Our RF MicroNeedling treatment utilizes tiny, fine needles into the skin (face and neck), enhancing collagen production to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and scars. A great holistic approach to anti-aging.

PRP Hair Rejuvenation/Restoration

This process injects PRP into the scalp and enhances hair growth by stimulating inactive hair follicles and promoting new growth. This also creates a healthier scalp environment for thicker and stronger hair. The recommendation is multiple sessions depending on the degree of your hair thinning. The new hair growth is typically evident between 6-8 months and will continue to improve up to a year after treatment.

PRP is simply your own blood plasma that contains a higher concentration of platelets than normal, increasing healing and elevated outcomes.

Individuals with blood disorders are not eligible for this treatment. We would recommend a skin consultation to discuss alternative treatments at Profile Medical Cosmetics.

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