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Laser Facial – The Red Carpet Facial

Laser Facial – The Red Carpet Facial

Laser Genesis  is our laser facial. Laser Genesis is a non-invasive laser treatment that works to even out skin tones, treat fine lines and wrinkles, as well as address scars, acne, and large pores. By gently delivering heat to the dermal layer of the skin, collagen production is jump-started, healthy skin tone and texture is achieved.

Laser Genesis is performed by taking a handheld device that is slowly moved back and forth over the skin, gently warming up the dermis. Most patients enjoy the warm feeling on their face! Laser Genesis results in a firmer, tighter, and more even complexion, and can also be used to treat sunspots and large pores. It has also been used to treat chronic conditions such as rosacea.

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Before Treatment

14 days: avoid chemical peels, cosmetic injectables, sun or tanning salon exposure and facial depilatory or waxing.
7 days: stop retinoids, AHA & BHA and other irritating active ingredients. Use only gentle skincare products. 
Advise us of any history of cold sores.

After Treatment

Do not pick your face.
Makeup & Sunscreen can be applied the same day.
Wait 10 days before recommencing retinoids, AHA & BHA or any other active ingredient. 
Avoid sun exposure (always). If your skin is exposed to the sun, regularly apply sunscreen (every 2-3 hours). We recommend Skinceuticals, ColorScience or Tizo.
Rebook your next treatment! We generally recommend a treatment every 2 weeks for a series of 6 OR as recommended in your personalized package.

For any questions or concerns please email Hello@profilemc.ca or call/text 519-270-0833.

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