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Body Contouring – Get those curves

Body Contouring – Get those curves

Have diet & exercise only gotten you so far? Our TruSculpt ID Body Contouring uses clinically therapeutic heat to the pinchable fat under the skin to destroy stubborn subcutaneous fat cells permanently. Using heat for permanent fat reduction will also provide an added advantage of skin tightening.

truSculpt® iD is the only non-invasive RF platform to feature a proprietary closed-loop temperature feedback mechanism to ensure that therapeutic temperatures are met, patient comfort is maintained, and clinical efficacy is achieved throughout each fifteen-minute treatment session. Radiofrequency energy delivers just the right amount of heat to destroy stubborn subcutaneous fat cells, which are then naturally flushed out of the body for gradual and natural looking toning. The precise delivery of the therapeutic temperature means you stay comfortable, while we help you achieve the best results.

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Before Treatment

Avoid Sunless Tanning lotion for 4 weeks.
Remove any piercings.
Remember to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes.
Come well hydrated.

After Treatment

Redness and swelling may occur and typically resolve within a few days.
Palpable nodules that are tender to touch or lumps in the treatment area may develop in the treated area up to 72 hours following treatment, and typically resolve over several weeks. You can massage them.
Notify the clinic if any of the following occur: Blister, crusting or skin burns; Tenderness, redness or swelling persisting longer than a few days; Nodules that are tender to touch or lumps in the treatment area that lasts longer than 4 weeks. 

For any questions or concerns please email info@profilemc.ca or call/text 519-270-0833.

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