Spring has sprung at Profile and we’re doing awesome!

May & June are on fire this year!

We’ve been loving the positive energy these days. From exclusive invite-only conferences to bringing on new treatments – things are just buzzing here for us! Read on to hear about the latest:

Learning all the things

The Profile team has been chosen to attend a couple of different events this season.

1- Allergan (the lovely folks that bring us Botox & Juvederm) has selected members of our team to attend their 10th anniversary “Empowering Confidence” event on May 29th where they will discuss the full patient experience – something that we always prioritize here at Profile. We are honored to have been chosen amongst hundreds of clinics to attend this exclusive event and are confident that we will bring back some stellar takeaways to improve the experience for you even more.

2- Advanced Lip product training with Juvederm Ultra XC! Our team is already very versed in the world of lip filler but we are happy to announce we will be adding a new lip filler product for use in clinic. The learning objectives of this program were to:

  • Review anatomy to achieve optimal facial balance as it relates to the perioral area
  • Educate on the range of Juvéderm HA Gels indicated for the lips with a focus on Juvederm Ultra XC
  • Discuss the importance of tissue integration
  • An introduction to the Hart LipsTM filler technique

3- InMode – The Professional Series: The love just keeps coming at us! Our amazing rep at InMode has selected us from his roster to attend the InMode Professional Series event on May 31- June 1st. This event boasts the best lineup of speakers yet! We went to a similar event last year and took away so much knowledge that we have applied to our treatments to bring you even better results!

New Treatment Announcement!

Are you bothered by your undereye region? Does it feel boggy, lacking tightness and losing volume? Maybe you’re someone who got dermal fillers in your tear trough region in the past 5 years and it hasn’t aged well?

Y’all we are over the moon to announce that finally we are bringing on PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatments! We know you love a good tear trough treatment and it can a big bummer when we tell you that you’re not really a candidate for dermal filler in the area. PRP will step up to the plate in this case and provide nourishing all natural cells to the region resulting in a healthier, firmer, better skin quality overall.

PRP is not just for tear troughs. Ask us about how it can be best used for you!

The best part?? This treatment will be ON SALE for the whole month of JUNE! Call 519-270-0833 for information on how to book.

Using Research to bring you the best

Because Profile is a Nurse Practitioner and Surgeon led clinic we are able to provide you with so much more in terms of advanced care and outcomes management, we are able to offer you treatments that you would not have access to elsewhere. This month we are running a study on using neuromodulators as an adjunct therapy for rosacea! Although we are definitely not the first in the industry to use this treatment for this indication, we are definitely the first in the region to be able to provide this to a select few of our pre-existing patients. Stand by for results soon!

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