Self Acceptance Is Still Important

When we started brainstorming up Profile Medical Cosmetics as a company waaaaay back when I had a little worrisome thought.

I ignored it (never a good idea), but it kept popping back up, as important thoughts often do.

At Profile, We Focus on Body Positivity

It was only when I started to pay attention to it that I could articulate it:

I don’t want to be in the business of making people feel bad about themselves.

Yourself First.

The Art of Self Acceptance

As someone who has been trying to practice the art of body positivity and self-acceptance for many years, I worried that my values would clash with my profession.

I used to think, shouldn’t we all just accept ourselves as we are and age gracefully?

After spending a lot of time sitting with this I realized: You can love who you are and still work on improving yourself – whatever ‘improving’ means to you.

These concepts don’t have to be mutually exclusive. This realization has really shaped our company’s values and how we want to interact with our customers.

The Importance of Self Love

It is important to me that people feel good about themselves.

At the end of the day, how do I reconcile being a self-accepting person who promotes body positivity with owning and operating a Medical Cosmetics company?

It is because I believe that the movement towards self-acceptance is really rooted in choice.

Self Acceptance Is Rooted In Choice

We can choose to no longer live by the standards of what society dictates to us is beautiful.

We can choose to celebrate what makes us different and unique and special, instead of hiding it.

We can choose to simultaneously accept who we are while also wanting to do our best to maximize and optimize what we’ve been given.

We can be grateful that we have the choice & access to products and services that we might want to use to help us feel good. And we should all feel good.

We can choose to accept and celebrate our differences and support each other because we all deserve to feel beautiful.

At Profile, that is what we want – you, beautiful.

We want you. Beautiful.

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