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Good Morning Beautiful Friends!

Happy 2020! We have been a bit absent from the blog but are back and better than ever! We hope that you have had a great winter thus far, filled with lots of self care & sunscreen. 

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Without further ado, let’s get to this much-awaited Beauty Profile!

Kokoro Salt Caves is in downtown Owen Sound, with the motto of: “Fall in Love with Caring for Yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit.” Their services include Halotherapy, Flotation Therapy, Infrared Sauna, Hand & Foot Detox, Energy Healing Sessions, Reflexology and Yoga in the Salt Cave. They also have a pretty great lobby area where they sell a variety of salts and items from local artisans. Being at Kokoro brings you an immediate sense of calm and the owners, Paige Kaufman & Linda Vallee, really know their stuff and make you feel welcome. We are so excited to read up on these ladies’ Beauty Profiles!

Paige Kaufman & Linda Vallee –

What does beauty mean to you?


To me, beauty is all about inward strength and confidence. About being true to yourself and following your own heart.


It’s all in your presence and how you treat yourself and others; being kind, understanding and compassionate. When you are vibrating at a high frequency, you’re helping those around you raise up as well. That, to me, is beauty.

When do you feel you are MOST beautiful?


I won’t lie – seeing my husband’s face when I’m dressed up and did my hair and makeup really does make me feel beautiful! But I also feel most beautiful when I’m me. When I’m living aligned with my soul, and simply allowing energy to flow!


I feel most beautiful when I am connected Mind, Body and Spirit. Vibrating on a high frequency. Once you are there, everything feels as though it falls into place for you… the skin is glowing, the hair is doing just as you want it to, and no matter what you put on, you know you are rocking it!

Can you describe your skincare routine?

Paige Kaufman – Kokoro Salt Cave


My skincare routine in the morning and night are pretty much the same. I wash my face with Rose Foaming cleansing wash from Nakd Basics. In the mornings I do spritz on a toner by Spring Creek Apothecary. I apply Hydrating Face Cream by Soul Seed Skincare (created by Leanne Duke) as well as the Soul Seed Skincare Anti-aging serum. I moisture my body with Body Butter by Spring Creek Apothecary. All locally made amazing skin care products 


I’ve always been taught to take care of my skin! Morning routine includes gentle face wash, gel AHA exfoliant (2%), calming serum and moisturizer with SPF. Evening routine includes gentle face wash, gel exfoliant, oil serum, eye cream and an evening moisturizer. I use mostly Paula’s Choice products, from the CALM line for my sensitive skin.

What is your daily makeup routine?


Every day, I define my eyebrows, that’s it! Sometimes, I’ll add mascara (I do get my lashes lifted!). On special occasions, I’ll definitely add some eyeshadow, foundation, concealer and liner!


My makeup routine isn’t anything too fancy, just the basics… although I’m always trying to learn what I can do differently… just to spice things up once in a while. I just started this whole darkening your eyebrows thing…and wondering why in the heck I didn’t try this before. I like it! I use the Quo Mineral Shadow Combo “In The Mist” which has your eye shadow combination as well as your eye liner. I like this pallet for its hints of purple, as I find the purple helps my green eyes pop just a little bit. Currently I am using the L’OREAL Voluminous Superstar Xfiber mascara (anything to make the eyelashes pop!) . To hide those lovely bags under the eyes, I am currently using Younique Mineral Skin Perfecting Concealer, as well as Marcelle BB Cream to blend together for the rest of my face. I finish it off with with Quo Bronzer.

What is the ONE product you can’t live without?

Linda Vallee – Kokoro Salt Cave


My eyebrow pencil. My brows are so thin on their own!


Mascara! If I could keep up with it I would wear those fake eye lashes all the time!! I especially love the 2 a.m. pees when you have those lashes and you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror… and your like DAMN girl… you look good at 2 a.m. with those lashes, hahaha!! I just love how lashes can really make the eyes pop. 

Are there any beauty tips/traditions in your family?


My mom definitely taught me to take care of my skin by gentle washing day and night and using amazing moisturizer!


Not really… it has really been a “you do you” approach. As long as you are happy with who you are and how you feel on the inside, then all the power to you— shine on!

Is there anything else you would like to add?


Dressing up and looking and feeling beautiful is fun, but it doesn’t even compare to truly loving yourself and feeling your beauty from within! Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, because you are just as amazing, just as beautiful and just as wonderful!

Thanks so much Paige and Linda! Your beauty philosophies are uplifting!

Please check out their website at, or follow them on instagram @kokorowellnessspiritualhub.

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