I Got Botox!

Good Morning Beautiful Friends!

Given that I own a medical cosmetics company, it may or may not surprise you that I only recently got my first Botox injections. Once I did it, I kept looking in the mirror & wondering ‘Why did I wait so bloody long???’ I decided to try a neuromodulator for my crow’s feet. I have a lot of friends who talk about doing Botox or Dysport for their forehead wrinkles (those lovely number 11’s that show up between the eyebrows), but my own forehead is pretty weak so that wasn’t my own personal focus. I chose Botox for my first time, and I will give Dysport a try next time.

Why now?

I have learned, from professional and personal experience that there are two general categories of people: those who love their Botox or Dysport, and those who just haven’t gotten around to trying it yet . All joking aside, I have learned a lot from my patients thus far and I am definitely of the philosophy that prevention is key when it comes to skincare and your general aesthetics. I am now in my late (!!!!) 30s and I have to admit that my ‘gratitude and joy’ for life was starting to show around my eyes more than I wanted. Once I accepted this as true, I decided that perhaps I was ready for a neuromodulator.

What was it like?

I got injected by the very talented Dr. Alipasha Rassouli. I knew I was in good hands, not just due to his many years of studying the face and his Facial Plastics Fellowship, or the fact that I have seen him inject loads of people. He’s also my husband so I knew he would do a good job. The needle is very small and wasn’t painful. Immediately afterwards, I had some very slight redness at the site but it went away after about 20 minutes.

How long did it take to kick in?

This is a question that all of my neuromodulator patients ask. The answer is, it varies depending on the person. I can now say that my personal experience was that it took 4 days to take effect. I kept smiling at the mirror to see if it had worked and sure enough after the initial wait, those crow’s feet were gone.

Do I like it?

Yes. I love it. I wish I had done it sooner! I’m thankful that my skin didn’t have permanent creases on it, so I am still technically in the ‘prevention’ zone for neuromodulator use. I am very happy with the outcome and I feel as though I want to tell everyone my age to rush out and get their Botox or Dysport done before those fine lines turn into established wrinkles!

Are you Interested?

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