Emily Bass: What’s your Beauty Profile?

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We are very excited about our next Beauty Profile! Please let us introduce you to Emily Bass.

Emily is a Certified Exercise Physiologist in Clinical Exercise Physiology and High Performance and a Registered Kinesiologist. Her enthusiasm and keen interest in sports and athletics began at an early age. Competitive soccer, volleyball and bodybuilding competitions are just a few of the many sports that have kept Emily active. Her love for fitness eventually developed into a passion for CrossFit and group CrossFit competitions. It is Emily’s athletic, energetic drive and love for physical activity, as well as learning and understanding kinetics, that lead her to pursue a career in health and exercise physiology.

Emily Bass – Built by Bass

Four years ago, her enthusiasm lead her on a journey to start her own health and fitness business, “Built by Bass.” She now works within the community of Owen Sound and co-owns Velocity Sports Performance and Fitness. She engages solidly with her members and the community, delivering the highest standard of exercise, health and fitness.

My passion is serving my clients in a personal way. I take a keen interest in assisting them to ultimately achieve their goals based on individual needs and desires. Nothing gives me greater joy than to witness a client’s progress, grow stronger and gain new found confidence they did not think possible! I love that I can be a guide in so many amazing journeys! There is no better feeling than empowering others!

— Emily Bass, Velocity Sports Performance and Fitness

Away from work, you will find Emily outside playing with her beautiful Bernese mountain dogs, meeting up with friends and family, making travel and wedding plans with her fiancé, or researching the next big opportunity for her gym.

Emily Bass and her Bernese

What does beauty mean to you?

To me, beauty means knowing who you are and loving who you are.

When do you feel you are MOST beautiful?

Truthfully, I feel the most beautiful when I am with my fiancé. PJ’s, workout clothes, getting dressed up… any time I am with him.

Can you describe your skincare routine?

Morning routine: Wake up. Wash face with water. Use Naked Basics firming face moisturizer.

Evening routine: Shower and wash face with dove sensitive skin. Apply Naked Basics face moisturizer.

What is your daily makeup routine?

Through the week: Apply CoverGirl BB Cream for light coloured skin. Bad Gal mascara.

Dressing up: Wash face (water or soap and water). Apply face moisturizer. Apply covergirl makeup primer and SmashBox eye shadow primer. Use Urban Decay eye shadow (usually brown shades). Apply liquid eye liner by Benefit. Bad Gal mascara. Covergirl true blend matte foundation. Blush by Arbonne. Chapstick or any Matte lip gloss by Katy Perry.

Emily Bass with fiancé

What is the ONE product you can’t live without?

Naked Basics firming face moisturizer.

Are there any beauty tips/traditions in your family?

A good night’s rest and allowing for time or activities to de-stress!

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