Debbie Val: What’s Your Beauty Profile?

Good Morning Beautiful Friends! I am VERY excited because this morning we release the first post of our series called “What’s Your Beauty Profile?”.

This series will include interviews and pictures of local women that explore their definition of beauty, their daily routines, as well as any tips or tricks. I know I love hearing about what people use that makes them feel good.

Without further ado, let me introduce to you our first profile…

Debbie Val

In Her Own Words

I play hard but I laugh harder.

I’m one part entrepreneur, two parts health and wellness coach, two parts outdoor enthusiast (Forest School teacher), and three parts “mommy”. Too many parts? 

My passion to inspire can be traced back to my pre-professional days. Whether it was sharing my research on food performance with my high school teammates, or recruiting University friends for outdoor adventures, I’ve been on a motivational path from the start. The reason? I like to get people excited about what I’m excited about. Right now, that’s anything and everything to do with health.

On my “Deb time” I am committed to education. I know the best practices in my field and I engage in the conversation with new, bold ideas. 

I own and coach at At Last Fitness and I am a dōTERRA Essential Oil Advocate. My incredible husband and I own and operate At Last Forest Schools (5 locations) and At Last Adventures (tour company and summer camps). Plus we are the proud parents of two incredible children – Willow and River with Baby #3 is due in April 2020. 

You can challenge me to Star Wars trivia and I will lose, but I may have succeeded in recruiting you for a bike ride or yoga session!

Please join me on my Facebook Page “Debbie Val”.

Debbie Val rock climbing.

What Does Beauty Mean To You?

  • Kindness towards self and others.
  • Love radiating inward and outward.
  • Health and wellness — self-care resulting in happiness and a natural glow.
  • Gratitude and generosity — recognizing the gifts we are given and using them to lift up others.
  • Awareness, alignment, and truth.
  • Being authentic, raw and real.

When Do You Feel You Are MOST Beautiful? 

When I feel balanced between work, family, and self-care.

When I make the time to focus on what is truly in alignment with my values and I follow my heart undoubtedly.

When I have filled my own tank and I am spilling energy, understanding, and goodness onto others.

Debbie Val rock climbing.

What Is Your Skincare Routine?

Morning routine:

  • Yoga/Meditation (15 mins +)
  • Breakfast and Supplements
  • Hugs and Kisses

Face Skin Care Routine (Morning and Night):

  • Wash – dōTERRA verage
  • Toner – dōTERRA verage
  • Serum – dōTERRA verage Plant nutrients – Yarrow Pom 
  • Moisturizer- dōTERRA verage

Body Skin Care (Daily):

  • Plant nutrients – Yarrow Pom
  • Vitamins – Long Life Vitality
  • Probiotic – dōTERRA PB Assist
  • Dietary Supplements – dōTERRA Turmeric Dual Capsule & Yarrow Pom Cellular Beauty Complex

Night Routine:

  • Tea & Treat
  • Quality Time for me and my love
Debbie Val’s products

What Is Your Daily Makeup Routine?

Daily: no makeup

“Dressing up”:

  • Bronzer – cheekbones and frame the face
  • Eyeliner – top and bottom
  • Mascara – (genetic)
  • Lips – DōTERRA spa lip balm
  • Eyebrows – shape them with colour

What Is The ONE Product You Can’t Live Without? 

Vitamins/supplements and healthy food!

Are There Any Beauty Tips Or Traditions In Your Family?

Be Kind. Eat well.

Debbie Val rappelling.

Thanks, Debbie! This Beauty Profile is very inspiring.

If you are interested in the products Debbie uses to help her feel her best and give her a glow (just look at that skin!), please send her a text 519-379-6383, an email, or message her on Facebook.

Have a great day!

Beauty is 80%+ attitude.

— Debbie Val

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