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Before Your Appointment

  • Any documentation that is required to be filled out will be sent to you via email from our electronic medical record. You do not need to print these. You can fill them out & submit them from your computer or smartphone.

  • Please ensure that you have brought your own headband to hold your hair back as well as a warm layer as we are currently not using linens.

  • Please ensure that you are wearing a mask or other face covering that fully covers your mouth and nose.

  • Please read the appropriate information forms regarding your appointment.

  • Please ensure you do the COVID self-assessment on the day of your appointment (

During Your Appointment

  • On the day of your appointment, please complete the provincial COVID-19 self assessment available at this link. You do not need to print or send this to us. 

  • When you arrive in the parking lot please text us at: 519-270-7763 with your name and that you have arrived for your appointment. Your nurse will  reply letting you know it is ok to come up. IMPORTANT: do not use this phone number to reach us for any other reason than telling us you have arrived for the appointment. Your message will not be received.

  • Please come to our office on the third floor, suite 3004 and let our reception know you've arrived for your appointment. 

  • Once you're in the office we will be asking you screening questions as well as taking your forehead temperature. 

  • All staff temperatures are monitored daily. Because we are a medical office we have access to high-quality medical-grade PPE. We will be giving you a medical grade mask to wear for your appointment. You may keep this afterwards. 

After Your Appointment

  • Your follow-up will be arranged as a virtual follow-up.

  • Please see the appropriate post treatment care pamphlet for any post treatment instructions. 

  • Please contact us with any general questions. 

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