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Good Morning Beautiful Friends!

Happy September! We have been a little absent from the blog but now we’re back! We hope you had an amazing summer filled with lots of self care & sunscreen. 😀

I had a chance to speak with Catherine Dugas and Olivia Legate, the founders of Beauty Spot. Their goal is to make clients feel empowered and confident by enhancing their natural beauty. Their beauty studio is located in downtown Owen Sound and they provide a fresh take on non-permanent aesthetic services.

Let’s hear from Catherine and Olivia!

What does beauty mean to you?

Catherine and Olivia

The amazing thing about beauty is that it’s completely subjective from one person to the next. For us, beauty is confidence in yourself. At Beauty Spot, our goal is to make clients feel their absolute best by enhancing their natural beauty with our services. When they leave the studio radiating positive energy, we know we’ve done our job.

Catherine Dugas and Olivia Legate – Beauty Spot

When do you feel that you are most beautiful?


Self-care is a big part of feeling beautiful for me so taking the time to do something special for myself always boosts my confidence. Getting “done up” of course makes me feel put together and beautiful but I get the same feeling after washing off a calming face mask or getting a great workout in. It’s more about setting aside time in the day to look after myself.


It sounds really simple but I always feel like a brand new person after a nice shower complete with my full skincare routine. Another thing that makes me feel beautiful is surrounding myself with people who wholeheartedly embrace me for who I am — that feeling can’t be beat.

Can you describe your skincare routine (morning & evening)?


My morning skincare routine starts with a cleanser and a gentle rotating exfoliating brush. I have combination skin so I usually get oily throughout my T-zone and tend to experience PMS breakouts which I’ll use a blemish defence serum for. In the summer, I go for an SPF over a moisturizer to avoid excess oil build-up. My skin is much drier in the winter though so I will add a light moisturizer to the routine. In the evening, I repeat the cleansing process and moisturize.


I have dry skin so in the morning I always use a heavy moisturizer before applying SPF. In the evening, I use a gentle milky cleanser followed by a hydrating face mask that doubles as moisturizer. On days where my skin is feeling extra textured, I’ll add a chemical exfoliator into the routine to get rid of any dead skin.

What is the one product you cannot live without?


I can’t live without the LHA cleanser that Profile Medical Cosmetics retails. I had been looking for a product that perfectly suited my skin type for so long and this is it. I’m obsessed.


It has to be Glossier’s Moisturizing Moon Mask. It’s the most hydrating and cooling face mask I’ve ever used. My skin always feels so soft and healthy afterwards.

Are there any beauty tips/traditions in your family?


We had the unfortunate tradition of over-tweezing in my family. I have of course taken on the necessary task of breaking the cycle — big brows are the future.


Dry skin and scalps run in the family so regular hot oil treatments and quality face moisturizers are key!

Beauty Spot – Owen Sound, Ontario

What is next on your ‘wishlist’ of treatments to try?


The wishlist of treatments keeps growing for me. Now that I’m undergoing laser hair removal treatments, which was my long time wishlist item, I’d love to try TruSculpt iD next.


I have been dying to get laser hair removal done for a while now and more recently, I have had my eye on chemical peels to help with my textured skin.

Thanks so much Catherine and Olivia for sharing your beauty philosophies!

Please check out their website at, or follow them on instagram @HEYBEAUTYSPOT or on Facebook.

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